At Hunter Express our aim is to provide as much certainty as possible that your goods will arrive intact and ontime.


Correct packaging for the type of product is critical to ensure safe arrival.  We can provide advice and suggestions on how to properly pack and prepare your goods for travel including palletising, shrink wrap, void fill and strapping.


In addition,  for approved customers, we can provide limited transit insurance cover for a fixed amount, either on a once off or ongoing basis for goods for wholesale or cost value in the event of loss, or for repair cost/parts replacement in the event that a consignment is damaged .  


* Terms, conditions and product exclusions apply including:

(a) furniture;

(b) household and personal effects;

(c) whitegoods;

(d) items containing glass;

(e) wrought or unwrought metals;

(f) antiques;

(g) works of art(including painting and sculpture);

(h) jewellery, gems and other precious stones;

(i) ceramics, pottery and items containing stone, granite or corian;

(j) weapons;

(k) drugs (legal or illegal);

(l) cigarettes,tobacco and tobacco products;

(m) living animals or plants;

(n) refrigerated or perishable goods and all foodstuffs;

(o) Australian legal tender or othercurrencies;

(p) negotiable instruments,sharescrip,bonds,debentures,mortgages and othertypes ofsecurities;

(q) any other documents valuable intrinsically or extrinsically;


* A claim for loss or damage will not be be eligible for any consignment that is deemed in our reasonable opinion to have been inadequately packed or prepared for transport.

- These may include unpalletised large or bulky items including car parts, large flat packs, heavy lengths, industrial goods, bulky household or electrical goods.  Products such as these must be palletised or crated.  Bulky items must be secured down with strapping and shrink wrapping.  


- These may include items which are cartonised yet are deemed in our reasonable opinion to have inadequate insulation or void fill inside to be able to protect the contents from normal handling procedures.


* Cartons and carton packaging must be strong enough to be stacked with other cartons.  We recommend the use of "Top Load Only" stickers in the event that a carton cannot be stacked with other cartons.  "Top Load Only" Red Alert forms can be accessed from the link on the home page


* A $50 excess may apply,


* A 7 day time limitation applies within which a claim can be made even if acknowledged as damaged on the proof of delivery copy of the consignment note.


* Please carefully Indemnity Terms and Conditions 2021and contact us should you require assistance.

View CourierSure Goods in Transit Marine Policy Product Disclosure Statement from our underwriters

View our Finance Services Guide Financial Services Guide 2021


We are NOT common carriers.  Please also read our Standard Terms and Conditions of Contract 2021 Including Surcharges Schedule