Home Direct+

Consumer purchasing and preference is evolving and heading in a new direction.
Online retail is easy, effective and enormous savings are passed onto the consumer, though when a purchase is made online,
it needs to get to the receiver.
As a leading and innovative transport company, Hunter Express introduces Home Direct+
Home Direct+ has been created and designed as a service for B2C businesses and differs from our normal day-to-day road
express service.
Home Direct+ has its own electronic features and benefits to assure your customer’s purchase travels smoothly from the
time they press the purchase key to the time the Hunter driver arrives and your customer signs the proof-of-delivery.
Home Direct+ Key Benefits
• Keeps you and your customer updated with a unique ‘traffic light’ system.
• An email or sms will be sent to the receiver once the product has been scanned into our nearest depot, inviting them to
schedule the delivery via our system.
• Your customer will receive a link to our website via email or sms allowing the customer to log in and select a suitable
delivery window.
• After hours and weekend windows available depending upon demand. Alternatively we will call the receiver prior to delivery
to schedule the timeslot.
• Eliminates redeliveries.
• Improves customer satisfaction and supports your brand with a seamless process.
• Pricing can be tailored to suit your business and your individual requirements.

Find out how Home Direct+ can benefit your B2C activities


The Secret Weapon of Online Retailers